Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome and many thanks to all the new subscribers!

I'm so excited to see the year 2020 in the rear view mirror. And, I am thoroughly excited about the possibilities and "planty" opportunities in 2021! I am an avant traveler traveler, typically I take 3-4 plant trips per years, two are usually cactus and succulent buying trips and the others are more plant expeditions to see plants in habitat. Well, none of that happened last year due the pandemic! One thing 2020 did was allow me to do was to spend more time with my collection and appreciate my plants even more. You know the saying, "plant therapy, is the best therapy!" It is TRUE.

Even though it is a new year, I know we can't just snap our fingers and things will go back to normal - that's just not realistic right? However, I'm hopeful that at least by mid-year I will be able to embark on a travel plant adventure.

In the meantime, there is plenty to keep me busy with all things CactiOnWhite! As promised big changes are coming for so get ready, the wait is almost over. CactiOnWhite is also growing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so don't forget to follow on all social platforms, so you don't miss anything.

One major project for CactiOnWhite this year is to create a Crevice Garden for the very first time. It will be a fun project! I will share occasional updates here on the blog, but also document the entire project on the CactiOnWhite YouTube Channel - so please subscribe there if you haven't already.

If you've never seen a Crevice Garden, here is an example of one. The one I will be developing will contain only cacti and succulents.

Comment below and let me know what your "plant" goals are this year.

Happy New Year!


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