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It's Fall Ya'll! That Means Winter Prep In 5,4,3, 2....

If you are in North America you probably have started to experience the cooler temperatures and may even be seeing the start of leaves changing from greens to the beautiful orange and browns. I have enjoyed the lessening of the triple digit, scorching days of Summer in North Texas!

This is also the time of year when I start planning to bring in my non-cold hardy cactus and succulents for their Winter rest. With that comes the need to provide them and other indoor plants with supplemental lighting for the shorter days ahead. There's just not enough windowsills or positions close enough to a window for all of my plants to get the light they need!

I was so happy that SANSI sent me their LED Wing Grow Light! The timing couldn't have been better. I've used their grow bulbs before and they are amazing! The design on the full spectrum 60W wing light is great because you can position it over your plants to distribute the light according to the plant's needs!

There is no assembly required. Simply attach the light to your ceiling fixture, a tripod, rope light or lamp. I couldn't wait to share this incredible light with you all! The Monkey is for demonstration purpose only lol. I plan to use a rope light and hook with this light in my overwintering setup.

I highly recommend @sansi_light for all your overwintering plant lighting needs! For more information about this light and SANSI's other products head over to their website:


Use Code: CactiOnWhite15

SANSI IG: sansi_light

#sansi, #sansiled

Happy Fall!


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